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Worldcup Blue Bear


Celcom – Worldcup Blue Bear is surely a big hit during FIFA 2010. It’s within a advertising campaign of “BLUE”, where these blue bears were virtually filling up a big portion of advertising spaces in the town.

Thousnds of lovely furry bears are dancing and cheering in the stadium for the entrance of the football players. They are all icons of the campaign, wearing different jerseies of FIFA. Some of them are actually on the field, jiggling the football, and performing great skills comparable to those famous football stars. One of them even perform Zidane Moves with his tiny little legs. The whole sequence is about branding and fun.

Celcom – Worldcup Blue Bear has been featured in behanced network, motion-served, and several major creative sites and had a hundred thousand loads in just weeks.

Zidane Moves Clip

Tamen version Clip

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