ManyMany Creations Ltd. is a creativity-driven production agency. We worked on a variety of tvc, video, animation and new media projects in broadcast, permanent and non permanent campaigns.



We think in the scope of total solution, not just content production. Our creativity-driven approach differentiates our unique position from other industry players.



From Shanghai Expo 2010, Citibank Flagship Façade, to SHK century link sales suite theatre and adidas climaheat VR snowrun, not only we deliver A-grade quality contents, but also creative concepts and total integration of specific hardware media. From broadcast to event, complex projections to LED, ManyMany’s has unmatched experience of handling special media video and all supporting contents and technology integration.



The strong content capability comes from our rich background of producing broadcast projects. And the strong project management of total solutions lies strongly in our years of experience in over 500 projects. Including global brands like Coca-cola, Citibank, American Express, Intel, Standard Chartered Bank, etc.


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