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麥兜 McDull

Client: Bliss Concepts

This work has been all famous recently.

See Mr. Kwai Bun and ManyMany at different interviews at TVB, TVB Pearl, RTHK, CultaMap, SingTao Newspaper, Headline Daily, etc.

Media coverage is big. Guess most of you know what thi painting is, but in case you wonder, our work is an re-interpretation of this classic using today;s CGI technology with huge display platform.

This is one of the most recognized work of ManyMany.

Base the on famous traditional chinese painting “Riverside Scene of Song Dynasty”, a choreography the character mcDull interacting with the village people was designed and implemented in 3D space. This work aims at making the time and space alive, inviting audience to not only look at the painting, but also to feel the culture and atmosphere inside. The whole seqeunce, unlike most other implementations from others, is fully 3D while using artisit rendering method to maintain the style of the original 2D drawing as close as possible. Careful study was done for every one of the thousand people and shops in the scene

Flying the World

Big Clock

Bruce Lee

3 Gorges

Ink Test Slowman

Ink Test waterfall

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